We’re asking our Modern MusePhilosophie founder Sophie Jaffe, everything we want to know about wellness for real life.

modernmuse_310a0664Dear Sophie, Coffee keeps us sane. On top of numerous health benefits, it kickstarts our morning and motivates us to seize the day ahead.  But perks aside, the calorie count on coffee beverages can add up fast–especially for those of us who prefer to add cream and sugar. How can we get more nourishment out of our morning cup?  – Bailey44

[Sophie:] My secret ingredient is medicinal mushrooms (aka adaptogens), which help your body adapt to your energetic needs.  If you’re feeling exhausted or stressed, they help raise your vibrations  without a crash.  Next time you need a morning pick-me-up try this coffee recipe.  It’s rich in nutrients and flavor, but also helps you maintain steady balance, energy and focus throughout the day.modernmuse_310a0626Ingredients:



  1. Brew your coffee regularly
  2. Combine all of of the ingredients in a high-speed blender
  3. Pour in your favorite mug and drink mindfully



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