Modern Muse, our series celebrating accomplished, stylish, real women. In other words, women just like you.

Her superfood empire has helped Clooney reach his peak. Now the raw food chef and supermom is bringing wellness-made-easy to the masses. Meet Philosophie founder Sophie Jaffe, our Modern Muse.

[Bailey44:] How did you get into superfoods?

[Sophie:] After college I worked at a raw juice bar in Hollywood – one of the first of its kind. I was so excited to help change people’s eating habits, and eventually decided to continue creating custom cleanse programs on my own. That led to me playing in the kitchen and crafting up my own superfood blends. I gathered fair-trade, organic superfoods from around L.A., and then packed them into mason jars to share with my friends and family. One day my husband, Adi, said to me, “You should really grow what you’re doing and make it a company.” My superfood brand, Philosophie, has now blossomed into something bigger than I could have ever imagined. Our products have helped everyone from George Clooney to my own dad discover wellness and feel as vibrant and alive as we can.


Break it down for us: what are superfoods and why are they so important?

Superfoods are mostly plant-based foods that are often vibrant in color, high in antioxidants, and hold nutrient profiles above and beyond “normal” foods. A few of my favorites are cacao, goji and maca. They’re also delicious!

They sound totally amazing and totally complicated. Was that the inspiration behind your superfood line, Philosophie?

It began with me wishing I could have an amazing blend of superfoods and proteins together in one convenient jar – I didn’t want to run out of an individual ingredient and feel like my smoothie wasn’t complete. The Philosophie Superfood + Protein Blends pack in the highest quality, organic superfoods collected from around the world and feature delicious combinations of maca, camu camu, reishi, mesquite, chia, spirulina, cacao, acai, goji, pomegranate and mangosteen.


As a nutrition guru, what foods do you swear by?

Smoothies are my daily oasis of protein, fiber, healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and yumminess. I love tossing fruits, leafy greens, coconut water, nut milks and Philosophie superfoods into a blender and having a meal ready in five minutes (this Berry Cherry Smoothie is currently one of my go-to’s). I put so many nutrients in that one meal, and it makes me feel complete.

You also have two young sons. How has being a mom shaped your approach to wellness, and vice versa?

Instead of creating a “healthy diet” based on limitations and rules, I’ve shown my kids how to eat, move and breathe from a place of love – love for themselves, their communities, and their larger world. The same goes for me. I do everything from a place of love, which means working out because I actually love the movements that I’m having my body do, or eating because I love how the food tastes and how it makes me feel.


Take us through your daily routine.

Depending on the day, I may be doing product demos, meeting with my team, teaching a special yoga class, blogging, taking care of my kiddies, doing a photoshoot, spending time with my hubby or cooking up a new recipe. I’m so lucky because each day is different.

How do you create balance for yourself with so much going on?

I used to feel stressed about making sure Philosophie was moving forward while also being the best mother and wife I could. One day it hit me – as long as my kids are safe, happy and healthy, that’s all that truly matters. Everything else in life is an added bonus. I use that standard for my definition of success, and also set intentions for my day and return to them when I need a positivity boost. No matter the day, I always carve out time for morning meditation, a quick yoga flow and journaling in the evening. Working out and eating healthfully also play an integral part in helping me feel my best and be able to power through everything that I need to get done. To sweat really changes my day and acts as a reset button.modernmuse_310a1163

Tell us about some of the moments that have defined you…

Becoming a mother twice was a great honor. It’s major, it’s powerful, it’s beautiful, it’s challenging, it’s empowering, it’s heart-opening, and it’s all-encompassing. Through the magical passage to motherhood, we give birth not only to our children, but also to ourselves. We uncover the innate strength and power that comes with being a woman. Through recognizing this in ourselves, we can also recognize this in other mothers and connect with them to build a supportive, loving tribe.

Thinking on that tribe, who is your Modern Muse?

My sister, Kathryn, inspires me beyond words. She’s a poet and artist – she creates magic with her words. When I’m around her I remember that I’m perfect just the way that I am.


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